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Benefits of a Luxury Villa Holiday

Posted on 04. Feb, 2013 by in Destinations

If you are in the process of planning a luxury holiday, you might have already spent a lot of time looking at hotels in exotic destinations. While hotels can be a wonderful accommodation choice in some cases, they are not always ideal. A great alternative can be a villa. These up-scale spaces are typically more spacious than a hotel, they work better for families with children and they can even be cheaper than hotel suites in many instances. If you are still undecided about trying a luxury villa for your upcoming holiday, read on to learn a little more about the benefits of this incredible accommodation style.

Privacy and Romance: When you are planning a romantic holiday, you want to ensure that the surroundings are perfect for intimate moments and romance. Unfortunately, even the most expensive hotel suites may not allow you to enjoy your getaway if they are close to an elevator, above a bustling pool filled with children splashing or surrounded by other guests. One of the great things about a luxury villa is that you can guarantee that the area is private. Whether you want to enjoy a midnight swim with your partner or just enjoy complete silence in stunning scenery, a villa is definitely the way to go. Bird of Paradise, a villa in Anguilla, is the perfect example of private and romantic accommodation. The giant villa is set in an extremely private estate with lush landscapes, ensuring that guests will never be disturbed.Sandalo - Elegant Resorts

Spacious Accommodations: Since hotels make their money by fitting as many guests into one building as possible, small rooms are the norm in much of the world. Even the largest suites are typically much smaller than what you might be used to at home. A luxury vacation should be one where you feel that you can spread out and relax, and groups travelling together certainly shouldn’t feel as if they are cramped into a small space. Private villas like Sandalo in Barbados are the epitome of spacious and luxurious living. Guests get to enjoy four large bedrooms located within the main house – three with balconies, and an extra bedroom in the guest cottage within the grounds of the property. There is a media room equipped with a state-of-the-art Plasma TV and surround sound, a formal living space as well as a lovely poolside gazebo for alfresco dining. This is perfect for families travelling with children or large groups.

Private Kitchen Space: Drinking and dining becomes a big part of daily life when you are on a holiday. Meals are the times when you can connect with your spouse, talk with your friends or chat with your children. Unfortunately, dining out in a restaurant for every meal can mean that you don’t have those opportunities. In addition, dining out for every breakfast, lunch and dinner is not always the healthiest option. Places like the Villa Leonor in Portugal boast fully equipped kitchen facilities so that guests can explore the local markets and then whip up local recipes right from the comfort of home. This is ideal for guests who want to entertain while on holiday and who love cooking.Villa Leonor - Elegant Resorts

Surprisingly Affordable: A number of travellers from the United Kingdom are worried that luxury villas will be extravagantly priced. While there is no denying that some accommodations can be pricey, many are actually cheaper than luxury hotel suites. This is especially true when you consider that you can book a single villa instead of two, three or even four hotel suites. At Port St. Charles in Barbados, guests can enjoy apartment or villa accommodation in a luxury setting for prices comparable to the hotel suites in the area, but they will get a lot more for their money.

It is clear to see that staying in a luxury villa is more than just a wonderful idea. It is also a practical way to get more space and privacy when on holiday.

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