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Best Resorts for Skiing and Snowboarding

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Snowboarding and skiing are two popular pastimes that can be a wonderful way to spend time during a winter holiday. Both take place on the slopes, both requires plenty of snow and both can be a lot of fun. However, there are also a lot of difference.

While some resorts cater to both skiers and snowboarders, many prefer to target just one demographic. If you love either skiing or snowboarding, you are probably familiar with the many differences between the two sports. Snowboarding is generally considered to be the easier sport to master, but it can be harder to find resorts willing to accommodate snowboarders. In addition, certain weather conditions and snow depths are better for one sport or the other. Skiers without advanced skills may struggle in deep powder, and snowboarders can find it challenging to be on packed snow and ice. Thankfully, there are several amazing resorts that are ideal for skiers, snowboarders and both types of recreational winter enthusiasts. Read on to learn more about three resorts that do exactly that.

Le Kilimandjaro, France - Elegant ResortsLe Kilimandjaro: Anyone who is searching for the ultimate skiing holiday should look no further than Le Kilimandjaro. This amazing upscale lodge in Les Trois Vallees, France, offers guests every amenity that could be desired. Unfortunately, however, a lot of these amenities would be wasted on snowboarders. Skiers can enjoy the option of skiing right from the front door of the lodge to the Pralong chair lift, and an intermediate blue run heads back down the mountain to the front door of the lodge. This is perfect for travellers who want to fit in as much skiing as possible during their stay. Since Le Kilimandjaro is located at an elevation of more than 1850 meters, snow is plentiful. In addition, the lack of crowds in this exclusive resort means that the ground is covered in a thick powdery layer of snow for much of the day. If you don’t have your own ski equipment with you, experts at the lodge can help you find the perfect size and then will even hire out the items so you don’t have to buy them. Other unbelievable amenities for skiers include ski racks for each guests and heated boot warmers to ensure that the next day on the slopes is every bit as comfortable as the last.

The Four Seasons Resort Whistler: Snowboarders often have a hard time finding great resorts that cater to their needs. Snowboarders are often looking for a lot of terrain, gradual downhills and lifts that can accommodate them. Whistler is the perfect place for boarders, and The Four Seasons Resort Whistler is one of the most impressive accommodation options in the area. Complimentary shuttles will whisk you from your luxury room right to the lift of your choice, something ideal for snowboarders. Plus, the concierge staff can give you specific details about the conditions for the day and where to head. With more than 8,000 acres of terrain available for snowboarders, this is a wonderful destination to visit on holiday.Four Seasons Resort Whistler, Elegant Resorts

Mont Cervin Palace: This fabulous resort in Switzerland boasts views of the towering Matterhorn in the Alps, but it also works well as a compromise for both skiers and snowboarders. Beginners can take lessons in both sports, and classes are available for children and adults. The terrain includes a few challenging runs, but most of the trails are gradual downhills that suit snowboarders and intermediate skiers perfectly.

Many of the most popular winter resorts are aimed at pleasing one demographic. At Le Kilimandjaro, skiing is king. At The Four Seasons Resort Whistler, snowboarding is especially popular. At Mont Cervin Palace, both sports are enjoyed by guests.


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