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The Must Have Skiing Gear for 2013

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Skiing is a fun pastime, but there is no denying that it requires a lot of equipment. Even absolute beginners will need a pair of skiing boots, skis, warm clothing and a pair of sunglasses before they can hit the slopes. If you are a serious skier, and especially if you plan to head out for the 2013 winter season, you might want to ask for a few key skiing items this Christmas. Here are some of the hottest must-have ski items for the 2013 skiing season, all of which are sure to impress whether you’re in British Columbia or the French Alps.

Dynafit Volcan Boot: The perfect skiing boots are a prerequisite for a great time on the slopes. Although there are hundreds of boots to choose from, the most popular pair this holiday season are the Dynafit Volcans, made thanks to a partnership with professional skier Eric Hjorleifson. The comfortable fit and ample support means that you won’t spend time fiddling with the bindings, and you can wear them for up to 12 hours without any pains in the arch of your foot or your ankle.Ski Slopes - Elegant Resorts

The North Face Cymbiant Jacket: Not all skiing purchases have to be used exclusively for just one sport. This North Face jacket is the perfect example of a comfortable clothing item that can be used for backcountry hiking, skiing, snowboarding or just hanging out in sub-zero temperatures. The material resists water well, is insulated to keep you warm for hours in the snow and has pockets that are large enough to fit all you ski gear. As a bonus, the jacket comes in fun colors that stand out on the slopes.

Zeal HD Camera Goggle: If you are a technology enthusiast and a serious skier, then there can be nothing better than the Zeal HD Camera Goggles. Zeal has taken the helmet camera for skiing to another level, and now you can film footage of your descents at the touch of a button. The camera goggles have a viewfinder right in the corner, so you can actually preview an image as it is being shot. Sound is included in these incredible goggles.

K2 BackDrop Skis: These are some of the lightest and narrowest backcountry skis available on the market, making them easy to travel with and comparable to most Alpine skis. The secret is carbon fiber, which helps to add durability and stability without adding on extra weight. The Backdrop skis by K2 are said to float, meaning that even slow moving skiers won’t start to sink into fresh snowfall.Skiing in the Alps - Elegant Resorts

Suunto Ambit: Although this watch isn’t made specifically for skiers, it works perfectly whether you’re concerned about tracking the temperature, your speed or your elevation. You can even track the angle or your descents as you ski, thanks to GPS capabilities and an easy to read display.

These hot new items are the five things that should be on every skier’s wish list this holiday, arriving just in time for the 2013 ski season in January.


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