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A luxury holiday to Mauritius inspires peace and relaxation along with exploration and activity. You’ll find endless things to do here, all of which will feel unique and exciting amongst the spectacular exoticisms of the scenery.

One of Mauritius’ most popular attractions is its Botanical Gardens. In particular, the Pamplemonsses Garden, which can also be known as the SSR Botanical Garden is famed for being the oldest of the gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, dating  all the way back to 1767.Lilly Pad, Mauritius

They are the perfect place to go for a slow paced day out, as the beauty of the surrounding nature is sure to leave you in a state of awe and content. You can wander through the 37 hectares of unspoilt greenery, spying huge water lilies and eighty-five varieties of palms, while the gentle aroma of the spice garden casts an enchanted ambience that will lull your senses.

For a fantastic family day out the La Vanille crocodile Park is ideal. You’ll be able to experience the wonders and diversity of the wildlife in Mauritius here, passing crocodiles lazing in the warmth of the sun, giant tortoises, birds, and more. You can truly experience the excitements of the jungle in an interactive way. There’s the opportunity to visit a fascinating insect museum also, and you can choose to have a guide if you wish.

For incredible sights the Black River Gorges National Park resides in the south west of Mauritius, stretching its lavish landscape of hilly greenery across 6,574 hectares. This is somewhere that shows off the astounding appearance of the islands unspoilt vegetation. You can even reach the Black River Peak, which is the highest point of the island here, offering the chance for visitors to get the most extraordinary views.

The Isle Aux Cerfs are the place to go for some of the best of Mauritius’ brilliantly blue waters and silky white sands. It can be known as the Deer Island in English due to once being inhabited by deer. This is somewhere that is a must if you want to chill out, and revel in the paradise like qualities of the island. You can try out water sports, grab a bite to eat or just read a good book beside the whispers of the shore.Mauritius, Elegant Resorts

For a wonderfully unique, and romantic experience, the Centre Equestre De Riambel is a highlight attraction. This is a horseback riding stables that takes you on a magical tour along one of the islands protected, and undisturbed beaches. You can ride alongside the amber glow of the sunset and never ending horizon, feeling completely free. Any level of rider is welcome, and guides can help to assist beginners.


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